"No matter how modern life gets, keep it old school"” - DANIIE

I am DANIIE, a singer, songwriter , and dancer , who has a real passion for old school music, simply because it lasts, it tells a story and plays the biggest part in our music industry. I have worked over the last 10 years at becoming who I am today . I have danced across the country, sang in pubs, clubs, bars ,events , and I have directed and cast my own music videos with a great team of people. I work with my producers to capture the old school sound and studio time is my place of happiness. This year i will performing across then country at many festivals and bring bounds of energy and inspiration to the stage.
I will carry on working until my music has made a mark within people’s life and each of my tracks have meant something to somebody out there in the world. 

I will forever be thankful to everyone who inspires across the world to make music, and the people of the world are the reason i do what i do, if i can tell your story i am happy.


 Latest Single

Check out my latest single FEELS out now . 

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    FEELS 3:55
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